Ginger For Morning Sickness

4 Ways to Stop Pregnancy Nausea With Ginger Root

Ginger works to fight morning sickness and pregnancy nausea. Find out which ginger-based products work best to stop nausea during pregnancy.

Whether you spend your pregnancy with your head in the toilet or just experience some occasional nausea, find out how to make ginger work to stop your morning sickness.

Ginger Candy Stops Morning Sickness

Sucking on a piece of ginger candy is an effective and inconspicuous way to quell nausea, even if you’re in the middle of a business meeting or sitting on a plane. The Ginger People create our 2 top picks: Gin Gins (hard candy) and Ginger Chews (softer, chewable candy). Make sure that the candy you choose contains actual ginger and not just “natural ginger flavor”. Then, fill up your purse and pockets for emergency waves of morning sickness.

Gingersnaps Stop Nausea Fast

For some pregnant women, gingersnaps become a morning addiction. For the good health of both you and your baby, choose gingersnaps made from organic flour and natural sugars, since these cookies may be the only thing you eat for breakfast on some days. Most health food stores (and mainstream grocery stores with a health food section) will carry at least one brand that fits the bill. Our pick: Mi-Del Swedish Style Ginger Snaps

Ginger Beer and Real Ginger Ales Help Pregnancy Nausea

Read the label on “ginger ale”, and you may find that ginger is not among the ingredients. To ensure that you are ingesting actual ginger (and not just ginger flavor, which will not help your nausea), seek out ginger beer. This is a non-alcoholic carbonated beverage made from actual ginger root. Find ginger beer in health food stores and beverage warehouses.

Ginger beer can be extremely strong and spicy, so if you find it hard to drink, you can mix it with sparkling water, seltzer, or still water. Some women also find that drinking flat ginger beer feels better on a queasy stomach; you can open a bottle the night before you need it, or hold the bottle several inches above the glass while you pour, then vigorously stir until most of the carbination has dissipated.

Some ginger-based beverages also contain caffeinated tea, ginseng (which should NOT be consumed during pregnancy), artificial sweeteners, or other ingredients not appropriate during pregnancy, so be sure to read the label first.

Ginger Root and Ginger Powder: Cook Away Morning Sickness

The most obvious way to get ginger into your diet, adding ginger root (fresh or dried) to your food could result in the welcome sensation of keeping that meal in your stomach. If you’re not much of a cook, try ordering meals containing ginger from Asian restaurants, or adding a teaspoon of ginger powder to prepared meals.

Stash ginger products in your purse, in your desk, in your glove compartment and in your kitchen. Ginger will stop morning sickeness symptoms fast