Maternity Wardrobe Essentials

Maternity Wardrobe Essentials

7 Maternity Wear Pieces You MUST Have

You could easily spend over a thousand dollars on tons of maternity clothes and still not have the versatility of these seven easy pieces. Find out how to take these maternity clothes from work to play to a night out.

Maternity Wardrobe Essentials

1) Maternity Jeans

You can’t live without them, pregnant or not. Pair maternity jeans with MATERNITY T-SHIRT and open BUTTON-FRONT SHIRT for a comfortable, pulled-together look. Wear with the V-NECK SWEATER, BLAZER, and a bold necklace for a stylish Casual Friday.

Look for demi-panel or “secret fit belly” waistbands for maternity jeans and all maternity pants. Avoid no-panel maternity pants (which are only good for the earliest months of pregnancy) and extended/full panel styles (which will likely be too large to wear until your 7th month). Demi-panel will take you through the majority of your pregnancy ~ on average, a woman will be able to wear demi-panels from the 2nd or 3rd month of pregnancy up until delivery.

Demi-panel/secret fit pants and jeans also work well in the weeks following delivery, when your body hasn’t snapped back into shape. And, if you’ve had a c-section, you’ll appreciate the soft fabric of the demi-panel or secret fit belly).

2) Black Maternity Pants

Pair with the BUTTON-FRONT SHIRT for a casual look. Put on the BLAZER and you’re ready the office. Match with the V-NECK SWEATER and some jewelry, and you’re ready for a smart night out.

See the advice above ~ choose black maternity pants with a demi-panel waistband or secret fit belly.

3) Button-Front Shirt

If you can find one that accommodates your expanding bustline and disappearing waistline without looking baggy, you’ll wear it constantly (even after you’ve given birth). Looks great with the BLACK PANTS or JEANS, whether buttoned up or open and worn over a t-shirt.

4) Maternity Blazer or Maternity Jacket

Buy in a neutral color and couple it with different shirts and accessories to get multiple-day wear out of it at the office. Wear it with the BLACK PANTS or over the DRESS for a polished, professional look. Wear it with JEANS for an outfit that won’t make your boss regret Casual Fridays.

Not only can you wear a blazer as part of your indoor outfit, you’ll find that it works great as a light outdoor jacket when none of your old coats fit.

5) V-Neck Sweater

It’s as easy to throw on as a sweatshirt, but you’ll feel much more pulled together ~ plus the v-neck will flatter your new figure.

As with all tops, make sure that it’s long enough to cover the maternity waistbands on your pants and jeans.

6) Empire Waist Dress

A simple maternity dress with an empire waist will look great from the earliest months onward, and we find that it’s much more comfortable, flattering and versatile than a maternity skirt.

Wear it with the BLAZER at the office, with your favorite jewelry for a night out, or with sandals for a dressy daytime look.

7) Maternity T-Shirt

An absolute essential piece of maternity wear, a flattering v-neck maternity t-shirt works alone or as a layer beneth the V-NECK SWEATER, BLAZER, or BUTTON-FRONT SHIRT.

If your budget allows, purchase several shirts in different colors to really expand your wardrobe.