Positions for breastfeeding

One of the possible reasons why a mother might not breastfeed is because she has given up due to the difficulty of finding the ideal position.

We describe a series of positions for you to choose the one with which you feel best.

Traditional sitting position

The mother remains seated and holds the baby with one arm. She supports said arm on a cushion.

In this case, the baby’s head and body are in a straight line.

The baby’s head rests on the mother’s arm, on the inside of her elbow.

The hand on which the baby is not resting is free, either to hold her own breast or to improve the baby’s grip.

The baby’s mouth is level with the nipple.

Cross sitting position

The mother supports her breast with her hand on the same side.

She with her other arm, she holds the baby, supporting his head.

You need a support pillow under her arm.

To change her breast, move the baby sideways.

Side lying position

In this position the mother lies on the bed. It is very suitable for breastfeeding the baby if the mother has to stay in bed or at night.

The mother and baby are lying on their side, facing each other.

The baby’s face is at or slightly lower than the chest, and looks slightly upward.

Rugby ball position

The mother sits down and bends her knees a little, placing a cushion under them to keep them higher or on them so that the baby can lean on.

The mother holds the baby with her arm on the side of her breast that she breastfeeds.

With this position she can breastfeed twins simultaneously.